Call for entries

Anáhuac University, through the Faculty of Communication Studies, and the CREA Leadership Program, calls all national and international university students to enter the 5th LANTERNA International Short Film Festival, which will take place at the Anáhuac University facilities, in Mexico City, from the 23rd to the 27th of September, 2013.

All interested, can participate in any of the following categories:

Fiction, Animation, Experimental, Documentary, and One Minute Film.


1. Competitors must be students or a newly graduate professionals (3 years top), between 18 and 29 years old.

2. Categories of competition are: fiction short film, documentary, experimental short film, animation short film, one-minute film.

3. Themes and techniques are optional, with the condition that they won’t attempt against human dignity and integrity.

4. Competitors are able to register as many projects as they like, as long as they were made between September the 1st, 2012, and August 30th, 2013.

5. All projects registered must follow the thematic guidelines of the category in which they are competing, and a duration of 1 – 25 minutes.

6. Works must be registered via web by filling in the registration form at, within the section “Registration”.

7. Projects will be delivered through one of the following:

8. As a requirement to appear in the Official Catalog of this edition, participants must send via e-mail, the Press Kit of the project with the following information:

  • Synopsis.
  • Data sheet (Title, Director, Producer, Country, Year, Duration, University).
  • 3 Stills of the short film. (JPEG/PNG, min 800 x 600 px.)
  • 2 photos of the director.

9. The deadline to register and deliver short films is on August the 30th, 2013.

10. The organizers of LANTERNA International Film Festival will name the Selection Committee.

11. All filmmakers must have all permissions and author’s royalties, of music, screenplay, etc.

12. Nor the Anahuac University, or the LANTERNA International Film Festival Committee assume any legal or moral responsibility in case the filmmakers competing, do not respect number 13th rule, above explained.

13. Competitors may participate alone or in teams.

14. The official selection and winners of the 5th LANTERNA International Film Festival will be decision of an expert jury committee. This decision will be indisputable.

15. Once you register, you give the LANTERNA International Film Festival, the right to use your short film for diffusion and advertisement of the festival, and only during the time of the competition.

16. The Committee will keep the short film file, which will take part of the film pile of the Festival. In case you want to get the copy, you can make your request by e-mail.

17. The jury or Committee will discuss any treaty, not covered or explained in this call for entry.

18. The filmmakers, authorize LANTERNA International Film Festival to use any reference of their short film for diffusion or advertisement purposes, without having to request for their permission.

19. In case you do not follow the rules above explained you will be directly disqualified.


20. The following awards, will be delivered by the jury:

• Lanterna Award to Best Short film

• Lanterna Award to Best International Short film

• Best Fiction Short film

• Best Animation Short film

• Best Documentary Short film

• Best Experimental Short film

• Best Director

• Best Photography

• Best Screenplay

• Best edition

• Best art direction

• Best actress

• Best actor

• Audience award

21. IMPORTANT: In case of wining, a member of the production team must attend the closing ceremony (mexican competitors only). International competitors will be notified via e-mail, and awards sent by mail.

22. Any questions will be answered through our contact e-mail:

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